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Applying for a National Interest Waiver

An eb2 national interest waiver is an alternative to an immigrant investor program known as an EAD or animmigrant investor program. Two factors are required to qualify for the national interest waiver. The applicant must first have lived in the United States at least five years and then must have been employed in the United States within the last two years. These national interest waiver examples are: Permanent resident with work permit and US Citizen. An alien who was accepted as a dependent of a U.S. citizen, green card holder, or other U.S. citizen.

Education is covered by three national interest waivers. In the education category, there are two sub-cases. The first is for students whose achievements are sufficient to be eligible for the Pell grant. The second category is for those who are not Pell grant eligible but who would qualify to receive the federal student financial aid for other reasons. These include people who have been granted patents, teachers, and researchers scientists or technicians.

The third category is for people whose achievements are not sufficient to be eligible for Pell grants, but who still qualify for financial assistance for other reasons. This sub-category allows those who wish to pursue an advanced degree to apply for a national interest waiver. An individual must have an undergraduate degree, a national degree or a master’s from an accredited college or university to prove that they are pursuing an advanced degree. One of these national interest waiver examples would be the PhD program, which is generally a five-year program.

The fourth sub category that is addressed in the national interest waiver example above is for those who have national importance as a teacher. To apply for this sub-category, an individual must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an approved college or university, along with a certification from National Association for Teachers (NABT). The International Teacher Exchange (ITE) is wegreened.com an important teaching credential. All teachers in this sub-category must have the ITE.

The fifth and final sub-category is for those who wish to teach in an area not covered by the Pell grant. There are two types national interest waiver examples for this subcategory. The first is for students who want to teach in their chosen areas but don’t have physician national interest waiver the financial resources to pay all the Pell grant requirements. The second funding option is for students with financial resources national interest waiver but not national significance as teachers.

The second option for national interest waiver examples is the I-140. This form is not available to the Pell grant. However, for students who lack the financial need to meet all the funding requirements due to their low adjusted gross income, there is an I-140 form for them to take. This form is used for academic deferment requests that are made six months after the student receives their first payment. If a student has a high enough GPA from the first payment of aid, he or she will have six months of deferred interest to fully pay for the balance of the six-month loan balance.

When applying for an I-140, an individual may need to meet certain requirements. For one thing, the student must be a permanent resident of New Zealand. Additionally, he or she must be enrolled in an educational institution that is registered with the department of immigration. He or she must also be eighteen years of age or older and have a clean criminal record. In order to qualify for the visa under the national interest waiver, an individual must also be eligible for an immigrant visa.

Like any other visa application it is important that an individual applying for an I-140 through a NZ Visa Office or online read all documentation provided by the agency. This paperwork will include a detailed explanation of the reasons why the national interest waiver was granted. It will also detail the process by which an individual can apply for his or her own NZ visa. And it will detail the expected outcome after being approved for the waiver.

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What Is a National Interest Waiver?

The controversial National Interest Waiver, a provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 70, allows certain immigrants to stay in the country for a limited time. This is provided that they can prove that their stay would be absolutely necessary and in the national interest. In order to apply for employment-based green cards, first preference requires that you have completed a minimum job offer and undergo a certification process. But a foreign national can also seek a green card waiver by proving that his/her immigration to the country would be in the national interest of the United States. This means that a person may not have valid reasons for wanting to live and work in another country if their own nation does not offer them the opportunity to do so.

As per the law, there are three national interest waivers which are lawful requirement, humanitarian or personal reason, and national interest waiver. Under the law, anyone who applies for a green card application from a country which is not US-friendly may not use the visa for immigration benefit. The law specifies that these immigrants must have an immigrant intent to settle permanently in United States. They cannot simply come to the United States and apply for a visa. To be eligible for the visa, they must declare in their application that they wish to permanently reside in the United States in any circumstance.

The approval of an NRI petition requires that three conditions are met. First, the foreign national must provide consistent, documented evidence of their legal status in the country. Second, the foreign citizen must provide consistent, documented proof of his/her monthly cash flow. Third, the foreign national must give a true and accurate statement of financial condition as required by the waiver commission. These http://hookyoup.com/index.php?do=/event/1678/kiwi-home-buyers-eligibility-national-interest-waiver/ three conditions are similar to the US authorities’ requirements for proving an immigrant’s eligibility to the Green Card. Any immigrant who fails these three conditions could be disqualified from obtaining a visa. So, it is very important to fulfill all the requirements of the law.

A visa application from a foreign national must include documentary evidence of legal status. In general, evidence of citizenship or nationality is required for the initial application, however, if later on, evidence of residence outside of US is required as well. It is a general misconception that all applicants will be approved for NRI. This is because a vast majority of NRI are not eligible for this status.

There are four types NRI cases: spouse, spouse, children, and close relatives. The spouse and immediate family members must submit separate visa applications. Children are only eligible if the parents are not present. However, if one person is applying for more than one spouse and one child, he or she is allowed to submit the application jointly. The process for NRI petitions for husbands and wife are very similar to that of applying for NRI for children.

A eb-2 visa petition can also be filed to visit a relative or friend who is being treated in an NRI hospital. Some US citizens also qualify for this green card. A lawful or permanent resident of US cannot visit any non-immigrant status other than the one for which he or she is admitted. Visiting a person or a family member of such a person is a reason for the application. This type of green card application can be made if you are receiving treatment in an NRI hospital or institution.

For people who are pursuing a degree course in an institution outside the United States, they are considered as non-immigrants even though they are technically not from the United States but are pursuing a degree course in a foreign land. For these people, the main eligibility criterion is for them to be US citizens or green card holders who can show that their lives are substantially affected by the status of their green card. If you are an individual with an advanced degree, you may apply for http://hookyoup.com/index.php?do=/event/1678/kiwi-home-buyers-eligibility-national-interest-waiver/ immigrant status if your spouse is a US citizen or green card holder. If your spouse is not http://hookyoup.com/index.php?do=/event/1678/kiwi-home-buyers-eligibility-national-interest-waiver/ a US citizen, green card holder, or if you are unable to obtain an immigrant visa due to your green card refusal, you can return to your country of origin and be eligible for a visa, provided you have the financial resources.

You need to have some evidence for proving your financial condition for meeting the said https://k289gitlab1.citrin.ch/-/snippets/2854 conditions. The agency that assists you can provide the emaze.me/eb2-nz required proof in the form of employment letters, financial statements, or a certificate of financial condition. If your NRI visa application is approved, then you will be asked to submit an I-9 evidence of your past years of work in your native country. There is a penalty for providing false information on the I-9 evidence. In case you are able to meet the specified requirements, then you can easily obtain your visa. If you are not eligible, you can still get a visa.

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How Can You Register Permanent Residence for Adjusting Status?

Marriage Green Card, occasionally known as a Permanent Residence Card (PRC), is a legal document that’s issued by the national government to both husband and wife upon registering the marriage contract. A union green card enables the husband or wife of an American citizen or green card holder with the right to live and work in almost any state in the U.S.. A green card receiver will then have permanent resident status until the date upon which they employ for U.S. legislation, in which time they become eligible to apply for U.S. immigration under the Immigration Status Act (ISA). The marriage green card is legitimate only from the marital condition.

I-485 applicants who are married or who are in the process of a green card program has to undergo a federal visa interview. If the I-485 applicant is approved for law, the visa number will be offered to the petitioner by the national visa office at the relevant state. The visa number has to be applied to and has to be paired using the address on the I-485 form.

In case the I-485 applicant is denied a green card because of a lack of acceptable proof of marriage, they should not give up because of the outcomes of the marriage green card meeting. The reason for denial may be that the union didn’t take place in america nor was it for a period of time longer than 1 year. The marriage applicant can demonstrate that they were married by producing an I Diplomatic Card, a copy of the marriage certificate, or an official interpretation of the union record, supplied by the country the few wishes to enter the USA from. The foreign spouse must present a copy of their I Severity score card along with a statement by the Bureau of Population of the country that they are legally married into the United States before the Permanent Residence Card application can be submitted.

To be able to verify these claims, applicants may submit the necessary documents to the visa2us immigration authorities in their home state or in the nation in which they desire to get the job done. To expedite the processing of their immigrant visa application, they should submit the comprehensive set of requirements along with their I Visa card and program fee in one simple to use online form. They can use an experienced online visa bureau to ensure that they receive a good family visa number, particularly if they have a close tie to somebody in the USA or another English-speaking nation. A few of these agencies charge a fee for expedited processing of their immigrant visa applications. However, the fee could be well worth the reassurance got from submitting your application on time and utilizing a citizenship application specialist agency. Some agencies permit you to cover the fee in increments over a certain amount of months.

The Marriage Green Card interview is a eight-page pre-interview form that is filled out by the applicants and their partner. It requires the sponsor’s name, date of birth, social security number, company, address, contact information, passport number if applying for an immigrant visa, names of children and their birthdates. Sponsors need to answer questions about their work history, salary, marital status, and also any other information that could be requested on the Marriage Green Card application form I 130. The Marriage Green Card interview is usually held within two weeks of entry of all the required documents. To be successful in getting the immigrant visa, sponsors are required to pass a three-step interview conducted by the US law enforcement authorities.

The next step in the process of acquiring a marriage-based green card is the U.S. citizens medical exam. This medical exam is generally held within six months of submission of all the required documents. This exam is an essential part of the immigration process, because it will ascertain if the applicant is eligible for the immigrant visa and also determines if he/she is eligible for the spouse visa. The medical examination is conducted with the USCIS by procuring samples by the applicants. These samples can be obtained from the applicants themselves or by the regional U.S. Department of Health. Samples can be taken in the applicants’ blood, urine, or some other sort of samples that could be gotten from the candidates.

After naturalization application getting the sample, the candidates will have to come back to the USCIS by a specific deadline. This sample will provide all the necessary information on the 3 steps involved with the application process to get a marriage-based green card. After all the necessary information is received, the candidates will then have to submit their completed forms. All the submitted materials have to be signed by the applicant. After submitting all the necessary documents, the candidates will be sent a notice to appear at the USCIS within one month. This is to meet the legal requirements to apply for a marriage green card.

Marriage-based green cards are issued from the USCIS to the partners of United States citizens that are legally qualified to apply for immigration. To correct status, you must first register permanent residence using the USCIS by choosing the I-485 automated questionnaire. If you are unable to register your Permanent Residence, you may still be eligible to apply for Adjusting Status, but you will eb2 niw not get a copy of I-485. In case, if you’re not able to register your Residence, take a look at the nearest USCIS office for further information. For further assistance, you can always refer to the USCIS site.

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How Important Is the Immigration Lawyer Fee?

How Important Is the Immigration Lawyer Fee?

An immigrant lawyer has the authority to finish a good application package that addresses all the legal needs and ensure that the application is completed to the correspondence. A lawyer’s ability to take on a vast selection of cases means that they have an awareness of the immigration system national interest waiver. If you’ve got a Master’s degree from an accredited college and five decades of expertise in your field, you might also be thought of a more advanced professional. These professionals can help immigrants together with the legal documentation required to legally enter the United States.

When you find the services of an immigration lawyer fee must be factored into the equation. These kinds of legal professionals often charge by the hour. If you are likely to employ an immigration attorney, you are very likely to need to cover their hourly rate or a flat fee. These fees can vary widely depending on the experience of every individual immigration attorney. There are lots of aspects that go in their pricing including the duration of time that’s been spent working on your situation, how big the case and the complexity of it.

If your case involves a significant amount of money, the price for an Eb2 Niw attorney fee might be a lot greater than an hourly fee. When a situation is complicated and involves a great deal of documentation to the attorney fee will develop into a considerable expense. It will be more reasonable to pay a flat fee to have a lawyer help you in drafting and completing the application for the law. In case the complexity is that the process is taking too long or if you need additional support, the attorney charges will reflect that additional price.

The quantity of the immigration lawyer fee isn’t usually the deciding factor wegreened when selecting an lawyer. Your choice will probably be based more on the skill, knowledge and expertise of the attorney than anything that may have to do with the amount of money they charge. Many men and women do not know that some lawyers charge a small retainer fee once you hire them and a charge a huge retainer fee each month or quarter depending on the amount of work they perform.

A good immigration attorney must have access to an attorney support team which works closely together and will advise them on the appropriate actions to take so as to deal with a intricate case. A good attorney will even have the ability to deal with any cases which are out their specialization field.

Prior to hiring an Eb2 Niw lawyer you should research them completely. Ask for references and try to get as many referrals as possible. This way you will get some notion of how competent the lawyer is. You wish to select a lawyer who has experience handling cases like yours. Asking friends, family members, and co-workers may also help you decide on a qualified attorney.

The kind of immigration lawyer fee you need to pay will depend greatly on the amount of work being done. You may want to cover to thousands of dollars to obtain expert legal counsel. This is a really costly procedure and you should never pay more than you will need to. There are lawyers who do supply legal advice for free, but these are those that typically utilize the most complex cases. The fees will usually start at $100 a hour or higher and increase as the situation progresses.

1 benefit of owning an Eb2 Niw attorney is the opportunity to retain their support for a protracted period of time. When you hire an Eb2 Niw lawyer it is less costly because the case will be managed on a continuous basis instead of being managed on a contingency basis. You are not stuck paying the exact same attorney in an ongoing basis however, you can afford to employ the attorney longer as a way to make the most of your situation success. Employing an Eb2 Niw attorney is likely to make your life simpler by making sure you get the help you want to win your situation.

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How to Obtain Student Visas

How to Obtain Student Visas

O1 Visa, or Ordinary Immigration Visa, is the most frequently used visa in most countries. Visa’s conditions are designed to be easy to comprehend and thus easy to acquire. In fact, the O1 Visa is considered the cornerstone of travel. Let us look at how to start it.

Students are entitled to the O1 Visa, which allows them to study in any country that accepts international students. Students can apply for the visa through their embassies, though they may be registered with F-1 school admissions.

The student visa is valid for one year. On completion of the program, the student must submit evidence of his studies. A certificate is issued confirming that the student is in reality studying abroad on receiving this proof.

F-1 student visa is an additional type of visa available to students who are in high demand in their line of work, but want to study in the United States. o1 visa There are numerous reasons.

The O-1 Visa is a business visa. It gives an opportunity for a student to attend college in the United States. There are several scholarships and bursaries available for students to finance www.wegreened.com their studies.

They can have the O-1 Visa approved if there is a student planning to work in america while attending college in another country. This type of visa allows a student to study and work in the United States. The student should also apply for their visa outside of america. They won’t have the ability to obtain a visa.

The T-visa is a temporary worker visa. They allow people to work for up to three months in the United States. These types of visas can be obtained at a time for up to six months. These kinds of visas are available to students and work visa holders.

Knowing the basic eligibility requirements is very important. There are numerous things that must be taken into account when obtaining a student visa and what the various types of visas are.

F-1 student visa is not a visa. If you are a student, it is important to be aware that you are the only one allowed to apply for a student visa. You must have completed your course in america, have evidence of an endorsement letter and also be on the list of students.

If you’re a student intending to apply for an O-1 Visa to work in america, you have to be on the list for the student visa. You will not be able to work in america.

The Pupils with an F-1 visa can apply for an O-1 Visa. It must be mentioned that the student must wait six months before applying for the student visa.

The kind is a specific and special kind of visa. The above three types of student visas are based on the particular situation. Make certain to read the information about each type of student visa.

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Analiza techniczna rynku Forex: najlepsze wskaźniki

Analiza techniczna rynku Forex: najlepsze wskaźniki

analiza techniczna forex

Nie trudno się dziwić, gdy na tej podstawie wyciągane są błędne wnioski. Głównym zadaniem analityka technicznego jest rozpoznawanie prawidłowości na wykresie i powtarzalnych wzorców co daje podstawy do tego, żeby przy podejmowaniu decyzji na temat przyszłych transakcji mieć większe prawdopodobieństwo osiągnięcia sukcesu.

Sygnały generowane są wtedy w momencie przecięcia się tych średnich. Polega to na kupowaniu, gdy krótsza (szybsza) średnia przebije od dołu dłuższą (wolniejszą) średnią oraz sprzedawaniu, gdy szybsza średnia przebije od góry wolniejszą. Średnie możemy obserwować w zestawieniu z wykresem cenowym (jedna średnia + wykres cenowy) lub analizujemy układy dwóch lub trzech średnich o różnych terminach.

ZOSTAW ODPOWIEDŹ Anuluj odpowiedź

Chodzi o to, że od lat nie zmieniają się wzorce zachowań tłumu. W takim sam sposób przebiegały reakcje tłumu na kryzys finansowy w 1929 roku jak i w latach 80.

Ryzyko na Forex

Powyższe strefy są strefami podaży. Tak jak w przypadku zasady wsparcie staje się oporem również i w tym przypadku strefa popytu staje się strefą podaży. Specyficzny rodzaj wskaźnika, który na pierwszy rzut oka może wydawać się mocno skomplikowany. Po poświęceniu pewnego czasu na jego zrozumienie okaże się jednak, że stosowanie w realnej grze tej japońskiej metody jest intuicyjne.

Na podstawie analizy technicznej czy też na wskaźnikach i oscylatorach możemy zbudować kilka metod. Mogą być one dobrane pod indywidualne preferencje danego gracza.

Wierzę, że jest to możliwe. Nie potrzeba tu długoletnich studiów ekonomicznych.

Mowa o analizie fundamentalnej oraz technicznej. Jest to bardzo podobne do sytuacji, gdy chcesz zakupić samochód. Możesz analizować jego cenę, ale z drugiej strony zwracasz także uwagę na silnik, podwozie i wiele innych czynników. Istnieją dwie metody analizy instrumentów finansowych. Analiza techniczna jest jedną z nich.

Tym samym nie były dostępne żadne wskaźniki analizy technicznej. Oznacza to również, że teraz – gdy mamy erę cyfrową – mamy do czynienia prawdopodobnie ze złotym wiekiem analizy technicznej i jest to odpowiedni moment, aby dowiedzieć się więcej na jej temat.

  • Odpowiednie stosowanie analizy technicznej w analizie rynku walutowego Forex wymaga, znajomości samej analizy technicznej, ale również odpowiedniego zrozumienia specyfikacji rynku walutowego Forex.
  • Taki trend oznacza, że siła byków i niedźwiedzi jest podobna i żadna ze stron nie jest na tyle silna żeby zdominować drugą.
  • Otwartego Rynku (FOMC) o utrzymaniu stóp procentowych na niezmiennym poziomie 2,5%, analitycy dużych banków inwestycyjnych twierdzą, że Rezerwa Federalna (FED) przygotowuje rynki do cięcia w najbliższych miesiącach, na czym ucierpi kurs dolara.

Ta metoda zakłada, że rynek jest na szczycie, gdy ceny gwałtownie rosną (gdy gracze oczekują, że ceny pójdą w górę), a jest na dnie, gdy ceny gwałtownie spadają (gdy wszyscy chcą wyjść z rynku). To są częste przypadki, ale nie należy ich generalizować. Rezultatem jest linia, która reprezentuje pozytywne i negatywne zmiany w cenach. Momentum oscyluje wokół linii 0, która jednocześnie jest wartością momentum w chwili ropoczęcia analizy. Dobre opracowanie jak na początek, merytorycznie te same materiały otrzyma się za darmo od swojego brokera.

Można wyróżnić trend wzrostowy, spadkowy oraz horyzontalny (boczny). Inwestor stara się określić jaki panuje aktualnie trend i na tej podstawie zajmuje odpowiednią pozycję, gdyż jak pokazały badania, większe prawdopodobieństwo jest w kontynuacji trendu niż w jego załamaniu.

To stanowi jeden z licznych problemów, z jakimi borykają się inwestorzy indywidualni korzystający z analizy technicznej. Dlatego nie ma sensu analizować nic więcej maxitrade broker niż tylko wykres danej waluty, gdyż on sam jest najlepszym odwzorowaniem relacji jakie występują pomiędzy dwoma walutami, tworzące jeden kurs walutowy.

Platforma transakcyjna MetaTrader 4 jako program do analizy technicznej sprawia, że https://pl.forexdelta.net/maxitrade-informacje-o-brokerze/ jest dla Ciebie bezpłatna i z większości wskaźników możesz korzystać za darmo. Załóż konto demonstracyjne i przetestuj MT4. A na naszej stronie znajduje się przykładowa analiza rynku.

Wprowadzenie w formacje analizy technicznej

Analiza techniczna Forex wykorzystuje wiele narzędzi, technik i metod, wszystkie odnoszą się do wykresu. Analiza wykresów jest istotna, ponieważ wykresy są niczym innym, jak graficzną prezentacją historycznych cen. Dzięki temu można w łatwy sposób poszukiwać pewnych określonych wzorców. Wzorce te nazywa się formacjami cenowymi. Analiza techniczna formacje cenowe dzieli między innymi na formacje kontynuacji lub odwrócenia trendu.

Pojedyncza średnia najlepiej nadaje się do obserwacji trendów długoterminowych. Formacja Głowy i Ramion znacza odwrócenie trendu wzrostowego. Formacja składa się z głównego szczytu (głowa) oddzielającego dwa niższe wierzchołki (ramiona). Linia łącząca dołki lewego i prawego ramienia to linia szyi. Odległość od linii szyi do szczytu głowy wyznacza minimalny zasięg ceny po wybiciu z formacji.

analiza techniczna stanowi próbę przewidzenia przyszłych ruchów cenowych na podstawie zachowania ceny w przeszłości. Przykładowo, jeśli w ostatnim czasie doszło do wzrostu ceny indeksu DAX i porusza się on w trendzie wzrostowym, to prawdopodobnym jest wystąpienie podobnego ruchu w niedalekiej przyszłości. Istnieje wiele różnych metod na analizę wykresu, jednak podobnie jak w przypadku prognozy pogody, żadna z nich nie daje 100 % pewności, że pojawi się ruch zgodny z Twoimi przewidywaniami. Musisz więc pamiętać, że analiza techniczna może pomóc przewidzieć dalsze ruchy cenowe, ale należy zachować przy tym ostrożność. Wielu inwestorów i traderów na forex uznaje świece japońskie za szczególnie pomocne, ponieważ ich analiza potrafi utwierdzić ich w przekonaniu, że zależności zaobserwowane w innych metodach analizy technicznej mogą nieść za sobą istotne zmiany na rynkach.

analiza techniczna forex

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Write My Own Article

You need to have heard this idea 1,000,000 occasions before but below it can be once again. In school, there’ll be not a soul to glimpse more than your shoulder and guidebook you while in the ideal route. You should have to obtain used to self-discipline and time-management rules. Will probably be up to you to determine no matter if to show up at a category or not. There’ll be nobody to remind you of that significant essay because of tomorrow early morning. It is a huge step ahead inside the way of the grownup everyday living. Although our services can’t help you with all your personal difficulties and dilemmas, we have been desirous to help you with all of the writing assignments. We’re going to allow you to switch with your first assignments promptly and have the grades you desire. Right here is the best spot for getting the essential academic aid.


Essay is usually a personalized writing corporation which has been creating the life of students about the earth a great deal a lot easier because 2009. We’ve broad knowledge in producing special material on many subjects and issue places. You are able to count on acquiring a profound investigate within the subject you may need due to the fact all of our writers have distinctive backgrounds. They specialise in specific subjects and can be happy to deliver their primary insights into your producing. It requires them a good deal less the perfect time to compose a substantial essay than an average pupil might have to invest on this how to head a paper in college. We recommend you cease having difficulties and have your original essay in the group of skilled writers. It is rapidly, simple, and powerful.


It would be more challenging than you think. The intention should be to tell a tale with out making it uninteresting. The extreme aspects could get rid of the temper of one’s essay and confuse a reader. Make your concept clear and distinct. Use the descriptive text that build an image in a very reader’s head. Will not try out to make your essay lengthy by including passages that don’t carry everything new on the story. Your composing need to be fascinating and intriguing.


The first issue to perform id to decide whatever you are likely to publish about. Get a while to think about the activities in your lifetime that were important in a few way. It ought to be a thing that transformed your notion on the normal matters or that occurred to you personally for that 1st time, for instance. Don’t skip the action of creating an outline. It truly is truly beneficial in that you see the composition of your respective paper. Get started crafting the main draft. Tend not to intellect the grammar or composition at this stage


Your intention would be to paint an image employing words and phrases. It appears just like a tough issue to try and do but there are ways to do it (as well as the writers at our paper creating service know all of these). Working with vivid sensory facts is a technique to perform it. If you emphasis over the matters that a reader could listen to, flavor, and odor had he been a part of your story, your essay are going to be definitely desirable. The other alternative should be to emphasis all on your own inner thoughts and thoughts and explain them. Use imaginative language and you’ll realize success.


Your job will be to describe an area, anyone, a thing, etcetera. in the way that a reader would conveniently produce a detailed graphic in his/her head. Use adjectives and vivid verbs to create your story a lot more colourful. Use comparisons and metaphors in order to avoid misunderstandings and make the essay interesting.

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Školská súťaž Mladé talenty

20170228_145250V dňoch  27. a 28. februára 2017 sa na škole uskutočnila školská súťaž žiakov hudobného odboru pod názvom  „Mladé talenty“.  Súťažili žiaci 2. ročníka v hre na zobcovej flaute, akordeóne, gitare a klavíri  a žiaci 4. ročníka v hre na zobcovú flautu. Umiestnenia:

zobcová flauta: 1. kategória

zlaté pásmo:           Richard Griga  –  tr. uč. H. Schreiber

strieborné pásmo: Viktória Szántóová – tr. uč. H. Schreiber

Matúš Potošňák  – tr. uč. H. Schreiber

zobcová flauta: 2. kategória

zlaté pásmo:           Ema Lörincová  –  tr. uč. H. Schreiber

Johanna Sophie Pöhm – tr. uč. H. Schreiber

strieborné pásmo: Natália Antlová – tr. uč. H. Schreiber

Katarína Oravcová  – tr. uč. H. Schreiber



strieborné pásmo: Michal Kožej – tr. uč. Marcela Gedeonová

Tobias Kall – tr. uč. Michaela Gedeonová

Martin Demjan – tr. uč. Michaela Gedeonová

Šimon Kudlík – tr. uč. Michaela Gedeonová



zlaté pásmo: Barbora Demjanovičová – tr. uč. R. Novák

Vanessa Krausová – tr. uč. R.Novák

strieborné pásmo: Emanuel Meister – tr. uč. A. Fabianová

Adam Martoš – tr. uč. R. Novák

bronzové pásmo:  Lukáš Sopko    – tr. uč. M. Mašat

Veronika Veselá –    tr. uč. M. Mašat



zlaté pásmo: Terézia Kolesárová – tr. uč. K. Vincejová

Ema Mária Harčariková –  tr. uč. Marcela Gedeonová

Pavol Gomboš – tr. uč. K. Vincejová

strieborné pásmo: Vanessa Pástor Bernátová – tr. uč. M. Stojkovičová

Timea Majorová – tr. uč. M. Stojkovičová

Zuzana Cirbusová- tr. uč. K. Vincejová

Jessica Szalková – tr. uč. A. Bošňáková

Mário Tobisa Hajzoch – tr. uč. Mgr. G. Petrášová

Zuzana Eližerová – tr. uč. Mgr. G. Petrášová

Adam Hovanec – tr. uč. Mgr. G. Petrášová

Alexander Benko – tr. uč.  Marcela Gedeonová

bronzové pásmo: Nina Ondrejová – tr. uč. M. Stojkovičová

Branko Svoboda – tr.  uč.  Marcela Gedeonová

Dominik Lenko – tr. uč.  A. Bošňáková

Lukáš Oravec – tr. uč.  A. Bošňáková

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